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The Federation of All India Farmer Associations [FAIFA]

The Federation of All India Farmer Associations is a non-profit federation whose mission is to support the farming community in India and create a Sustainable Future for Farmers. Our desire is to provide support and resources to the farming community at the international, national, regional and local levels.

The Federation of All India Farmer Associations was established in the year 2015. FAIFA Executive Committee comprises of 36 members, covering agri-dependent states of India.

It is run by a Board of Office Bearers, comprised of an Honorary President, President, Vice-Presidents, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and executive Members who, together, strive to provide a strong collective voice on state, national and international scale in order to ensure the long-term secure and sustainable livelihood of the farming community in the country. Shri B. V. Jaware Gowda, a tobacco-farmer from Karnataka is the President of the Federation.

We work with small and marginal farmers and indigenous communities in the non-rain fed farming areas. We organize and empower the rural farming communities in capacity building, organization and self-reliance and poverty reduction. One of our slogans is “Prosperity through Agriculture”, we seek to empower the farmers to take his/her own decisions.

For the FAIFA, empowerment is the key-word; FAIFA policies and activities are developed by farmers, represented by their States’ own grower-run Associations, regional and/or national institutes, to further their own interests.
FAIFA publishes and disseminates a range of specialized materials that include, for instance, its representations and reports.

The FAIFA office is in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh and it is about to establish offices in agri-centres in various other States in India.

We solicit enquiries and valuable suggestions from other farmer associations to join together for prosperity and sustainable agriculture.

For any questions, please do contact us at: E-mail: contact.faifa@gmail.com