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Our Role/Purpose

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Our Role/Purpose

The Federation of All India Farmer Associations [FAIFA] is a non-profit federation whose mission is to support the farmers in India. The following statements of Objective, Vision and Mission define and guide the Federation’s ability to protect the future of Indian Farming community.


  • To make effort for increase in income of farmers and development of socio- economic life
  • To make effort independently and actively for the sustainable development of Agriculture Sector
  • To ensure profitable prices and strong stable markets for the agriculture produce
  • To popularize modern agri-technologies for enhancing productivity and quality


  • Create a Sustainable Future for Farmers


  • Providing timely information on improved agriculture technology
  • Creating rural employment for healthy rural communities and protect the environment
  • Planning for the benefit of future generations
  • Taking up with the Government on policy issues that affect the livelihood of farmers